About Work Experience 

Work experience provides you with an insight into working life, exploring career opportunities and developing your employability skills.

Work experience placements last between 1 and 40 days and can help shape your future decisions and improve your job prospects, whether you are:

  • In your last two years of compulsory schooling
  • Taking a post-16 course
  • An undergraduate
  • Looking to find a job or apprenticeship
  • Looking to gain a better understanding of a role that you work in partnership with

Gaining work experience in the public sector can also provide a great starting point for your future career, wherever it may take you.

In Suffolk, we want to support people to gain useful experience of the world of work in order to help make them aspirational and informed career choices and understand the types of jobs within the public sector.

Every placement will be different, and we are committed to providing quality experiences of work that are:

  • Purposeful, relevant and challenging as well as relevant to your career goals and aspirations
  • Planned and supervised so that your time is well spent
  • Focussed on the skills required for the relevant occupational sector
  • Clear about the roles, responsibilities and expectations of you and the employer
  • Reviewed at the end providing feedback on your performance to help you continue to develop your career and employability skills

You may also be given the chance to learn about CV and application writing as well as to take part in a mock interview with feedback.

Work experience placements may be available in the following areas:

  • Legal 
  • Finance 
  • HR 
  • Policy 
  • Waste 
  • Communications 
  • Environmental Health 
  • Housing 

Work experience opportunities are ongoing and are available on request. We will always do our best to find a placement for everyone, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee an offer of work experience for everyone who applies. Likewise, we cannot always accommodate preferred areas.

For advice on how to request a placement, visit our Work Experience Advice page.

Find out how to request a placement.

The read about the experiences of previous work experience students, visit our meet the work experience Students page.

group of people sitting at a table in their work expeience