Work Experience Advice

If you’re interested in requesting a work experience placement, please visit the Request a Placement page and fill in the online form for the organisation you wish to apply to. Please indicate your preferred department, attaching both a cover letter and a CV. For some helpful tips on how to stand out as an applicant, please see our Careers page.

The table below outlines the deadlines for placement requests depending on when you would like to do your work experience placement:



Deadline for submitting a request 

May, June, July, August 

30 January earlier the same year 

September, October, November, December 

31 May earlier the same year 

January, February, March, April 

30 September earlier the same year 


To get the most out of your work experience, ensure you:  

    • Have an idea about which are of the council you would like to apply to as it is more difficult to create a rewarding placement for applicants who are less sure – see the list on the About page or do some research online to help you
    • Be open-minded and flexible, willing to try new things
    • Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts – even if you have no experience, we want to know your ideas as you’re likely to consider things in a new, fresh way
    • Ask lots of questions and learn as much from your co-workers as you can 
    • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! You’re learning as you go, and nobody expects you to get everything right the first time you try it
person holding a pen and completing an application form